Yary Kidz on July 2nd on TV24 at the Höhle of Leawen Switzerland

"Because of the breeding war, Aaron McGill had to leave his home Liberia 22 years ago. Today, the family man works as a nursing assistant in the island hospital and is a inventor. And to blame for everything is a train control."
"A clever Berner invents a toilet ring for the large session of the very small ones."

"Aaron McGill lives in a tranquil hanging with his family on the Brünnenstrasse in Bümpliz - an idyll like from the picture book. Until then, he had a long way."

"Inventor of" Yary Kidz ": Aaron McGill. (Photo: D. Marenah) Because he was tired of always accompanying his then three -year daughter to the toilet, a father from Bümpliz became inventor on Friday afternoon in April 2009. "
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Yary Kidz Produce The Yarykidz Potty Trainer

At the age of 20, Aaron Mc Gill fled to Switzerland from Lybia. Today he is a successful business man and invented a special children's toilet seat, which he presents on the program this evening â € the Höhle of the Löwenâ €.

Aaron McGill's invention in Bern was only finished when his children no longer needed them. Jaden and Joana are still small when their father always overs the toilet for children. Either they are too expensive or too bulky.
July 2019

Let the words of successful inventor-enrepreneur Aaron McGill, Creator of the Yary Kidz Potty Training Innovation, Inspire You.

We parents-a family magazine took children's toilet rings Under the magnifying glass and the The winner is Yarykidz!