Dorothea Roth

8406 Winterthur

«The ring is awesome, many thanks for the quick delivery! Of course I will recommend the ring! »

The Yary Kidz WC Ring takes the fear of the toilet to the children

The children's toilet seat only has to be installed once - afterwards it can be easily and again folded up and down depending on who wants to use the toilet.

Other advantages are:

  • Fits almost all conventional toilets
  • You don't have to replace the existing toilet
  • Attachment without tools
  • No storage space necessary 
  • The ring is particularly flat, the children can easily sit on it
  • Seat for adults simply folded up
  • With Eco packaging
  • With child -friendly motifs
  • Equipped with anti-slip pads
  • Made from easy -care polypropylene
  • Light and transportable and can also be taken away when traveling

The inventor

The idea of ​​a more child -friendly toilet is developed by a father out of necessity - by Aaron McGill.

He is the founder of the Swiss company Yary Kidz GmbH. Heart and drivers of this great idea.

Part of the level of awareness and success owes Yary Kidz to the appearance in the start-up series.

Delia Moser

8200 Schaffhausen

«Dear McGill family, thank you very much for the toilet rings! The product is just great! Fast delivery, friendly contact! We definitely recommend you !!! »

The best toilet seat for your child & for you

The best toilet seat for your child

  • Your little darling learns quickly to use the normal toilet
  • It can easily fold down the Yary Kidz toilet ring and then sitting on it non -slip and relaxed
  • It makes the toilet usage the big one
  • It can go to the toilet independently and without fear
  • It begins much earlier with the use of the toilet

The best toilet seat for you

  • Fits all common toilets
  • Can be attached simply and without tools or conversion
  • Is simply clipped with the supplied bracket and fixed with the integrated adhesive tape
  • The Yary Kidz toilet seat can simply be folded up and therefore never bothers because it is integrated into the existing toilet lid

The best toilet seat ever

  • Flexiblel, easy to install and very inexpensive
  • Made from easy -care polypropylene (PP)
  • Equipped with anti-slip pads
  • To install anywhere - three brackets are delivered with every order
  • Take the fear of the toilet to the children and effortlessly trains the independent toilet
  • It only has to be installed once and can then be easily folded up with the lid or even down