Independently and without fear on the toilet
A toilet seat for the whole family!

The toilet ring for children is child's play to attach to the standard toilet ring. The toilet ring can be attached to the toilet in no time with a simple plastic clip. It thus combines an adult toilet seat with a child toilet seat. So you can easily switch back and forth between the two rings without always putting and removing each time or changing your adult toilet seat.

Potty training made easy

The simple, patented plastic clip secures the child seat reliably and non-slip on the adult's toilet seat. Thanks to the light and flat design, the children can fold the ring up and down.

With the Yarykidz toilet seat, children can go to the toilet much earlier and independently by themselves. This process doesn't only make the little ones proud but also makes parents happy. Making it a flexible, easy-to-install, and inexpensive toilet seat for the whole family.