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"Grüezi. The lid is super. You did that well. I will certainly recommend you. P.S. My son is also called Aaron 🙂»

The Yarykidz toilet seat: how it all started ...

Children should learn to go to the toilet on their own at an early age. This is an important and big step for them, but also for their parents. The commercially available toilet seats are significantly too large and simply incorrectly sized for small children. This is where Yary Kidz founder Aaron McGill comes in, because he had an idea of what he wanted to do about it before 2009.

The family man from Liberia has gone through a deprived path, which eventually led him to a job as a nursing assistant in the island hospital in Bern his new home. In addition to his work in the hospital, he practiced as an inventor after work and now has the long-awaited success with the Yary Kidz Potty trainer.

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Yarykidz toilet seat: the success story

He developed a ring that can be easily attached to any toilet seat with a thin plastic clamp. This toilet seat for children is located on top of the regular seat and can be easily folded up and down, so that the toilet is equally suitable for adults and children.

Additional aids or tools are not necessary for the installation of the toilet seat. Due to the simple assembly and dismantling and the low weight (approx. 230 grams), the wc seat is also easily transportable and can be taken with you for the holidays, for example.